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— tt:aa is the technical and abstract; a culmination of architectural design and research, with its periphery.






The first thing that may have entered your mind is
Dude, what is this website—there are no answers here, only more questions.
Partly because I would rather spend my time making actual things, than things that are represented on a thing.
If you heard about the book, follow the link to _TFGTH.
If you heard about the synth, follow the link to F I E L D.
Le voilà! The emergence of highlighted works are revealed.




Upcoming [personal] Works >>

Sep _ [installation / workshop] Machine Scapes | Open Codes @ Chronus Art Centre

Sep _ [paper] China Dances Better in Chains | Digital Culture & Society, 2020 (Alternative Histories in DIY Culture and Maker Utopias)

// Past
Feb _ [lecture] Processing Community Day
Apr _ [installation / lecture] F I E L D / Intuitive Nipple Interface | Sonar HK 2019

Mar 10 _ [workshop] Mapping Spaces for Making | IAGS@EPFL (Lausanne)
Mar 17 _ [installation / workshop] F I E L D | Sonar HK 2018
Apr _ [workshop] IIIC |  THEi x Swinburne (Melbourne)
Jun _ [publication / launch event] The Field Guide to Hacking | Dim Sum Labs /
Oct _ [installation] C L O U D | The Ambassadors’ Ball
Dec _ [installation] IIIC |  THEi x Swinburne (Melbourne) | DesignInspire @ BODW
Dec _ [conference / lecture] The Urban Organism | Chaos Communication Congress / 35C3 

Apr 1 _ [installation / workshop] Sound Swarm | Sonar HK 2017
Apr 22 _ [pop-up workshop / exhibition] WoW x Design Trust featuring The Field Guide | Warehouses on West
Jun _ [paper] Identity Crisis in the Pearl River Delta | Digital Culture & Society Vol. 3, Issue 1, 2017 (Hacking and Making)