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Factory tour: the ultimate brand experience


Factory tour: the ultimate brand experience


The best opportunity to curate a holistic brand identity using history, techniques, and visual language.



On the surface, it's a great Sunday out with the family, or tourist destination. Regional beer factories really pique my interest - perhaps because my very first passion was about brand experiences. It's about curating the culture, history and gastronomy of the region, condensing all the richness and metaphors into a tiny ubiquitous package, in this case, a simple glass of beer. 

I've only been to a few factories, namely Kirin Beer Park near Fukuoka and the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. The raw ingredients are similar: local history, brewing method, significant ingredients, tasting; but they operate on different levels of glitz and spectacle, cashing in on their company identity. A refreshing beer on the way home after work? Or the label you don for a merry bacchanal?


Our latest project is a beer park in Qingdao, home of Tsingtao beer. The project includes Fusce varius augue leo, ut euismod libero blandit nec. Curabitur mattis rhoncus tortor, eget feugiat purus imperdiet eu. Vestibulum nulla ipsum, auctor ut neque eget, finibus sagittis diam. Phasellus commodo, diam in iaculis venenatis, metus mauris auctor nulla, vel egestas mauris leo quis ex. Suspendisse scelerisque, massa eu imperdiet euismod, tellus nisl rutrum metus, sed cursus nisl ligula dictum diam. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Fusce tincidunt, mauris sed hendrerit rutrum, magna lorem lacinia augue, quis suscipit urna elit vitae lorem. Nullam laoreet neque non malesuada aliquet. Aenean maximus ante vitae lacus pretium, eu convallis mi laoreet. Aenean feugiat velit libero. Quisque vel mi elementum, viverra.