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— tt:aa is the technical and abstract; a culmination of architectural design and research, with its periphery.










Upcoming Works >>
Feb _ [publication] The Field Guide to Hacking | Dim Sum Labs
Mar 10 _ [workshop] Mapping Spaces for Making | IAGS@EPFL (Lausanne)
Mar 17 _ [installation / workshop] F I E L D | Sonar HK 2018
Apr _ [workshop] The Future Of...
Dec _ [installation / workshop] The Future Of...

// Past
Apr 1 _ [installation / workshop] Sound Swarm | Sonar HK 2017
Apr 22 _ [pop-up workshop / exhibition] WoW x Design Trust featuring The Field Guide | Warehouses on West
Jun _ [paper] Hacking and Making | Digital Culture & Society Vol. 3, Issue 1, 2017