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Identity Crisis

DCS | Digital Culture and Society | Vol. 3, Issue 1 | ©transcript 2017DOI 10.14361/dc s-2017- 0111

Identity Crisis in the Pearl River Delta
A Conversation with a Hong Kong Hackerspace Community

Michelle Poon and Wilhelm E.J. Klein


This paper is a conversation-based reflection on hacker-, maker- and DIY-culture. It focuses on the unique cultural and socio-economic setting of Hong Kong, using Dim Sum Labs, its first hacker/maker-space as its primary subject of investigation. To provide context, we begin with an outline of the cultural, economic and physical challenges presented by Hong Kong. We then proceed to present and relay conver-sation pieces from interviews with members and non-members of Dim Sum Labs, who speak about their respective perspectives on notions of “hacking,” “making” and “DIY-culture.” Finally, we provide some reflections on our own experiences as members of the hacker/maker/DIY-culture and past directors of Dim Sum Labs.

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